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Parent FAQ
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:16:51 pm »
1.      When do the players get called?
Teams may begin practice 2-3 weeks before the official season start. The coaches will call the players/parents. They will give you all the information you will need in regards to practice times and location. Many coaches set his/her own practice days, time and location and in some Regions, those days and times are assigned.
2.      It's after August 1 and my child has not been called. What do I do?
Please do not panic if you see teams practicing and your child has not been called. Not all teams begin practice at the same time. The very young teams do not always begin practice on the same date as other teams. Also, some coaches may be out of town. If your child has not been email your division coordinator. You can find your division coordintor under the about us tab listed under board/staff contacts.
3.      How often are practices and games?
Practices are held once or twice a week; sometimes the youngest players have a combined practice and game on a weekend day. Games are usually held on weekends. Location of games and practices will be determined by the local AYSO Regional Board with schedules provided to you by your child's coach.
4.      My child withdrew. How do I get a refund?
5.      How do I register my child?

Click on the register now button located at the top right corner of the home page.     
6.      When is the AYSO soccer season?
The main season is in the fall with registration taking place in May and June. Games for the fall season generally run from the end of August until mid-November. Registration for our Spring season takes place in October & November. Games for spring generally run from mid-March until the the first part of June.
7.      What's a Region?
Your AYSO Region is one of nearly 900 local programs in communities nationwide. Each AYSO Region is the same, yet different. The Bylaws and Rules and Regulations are the same but because community needs and characteristics may be different, Regions have flexibility to accommodate their unique needs.

Your Region is identified by its own number. Your Regional Commissioner and Regional Board of Directors will usually meet once a month during the season and perhaps more often for pre-season planning. You are welcome to attend any of these meetings. Many Regions give out a Region Handbook at registration, with their policies fully defined.
8.      What equipment is needed?
Soccer has limited equipment requirements. Shin guards are mandatory during practice and games. Full-coverage shoes are required, and it is advisable to use shoes designed specifically for soccer. Most AYSO teams play in uniforms (jersey, shorts and socks) supplied by the Region which are included in the registration fee. Regions also provide field equipment, such as goals, nets and flags. A limited number of balls will be supplied for practices and games, but it is ideal for every child to have their own soccer ball for practicing and playing on their own.
9.      How much does it cost to sign up?
AYSO is very affordable, but the cost differs depending on the Region. The fee is used for insurance, equipment, uniforms, pictures, program development, field rental and other needs. None of the Region leadership receives payment for their time. 
10.  What if my child drops out and I would like to request a refund?
11.  Who will coach my child's team?
AYSO teams are coached by volunteers from your community, many of them parents, with children in the program.
12.  Who runs my AYSO Region?
Volunteers - AYSO is a volunteer organization with more than 220,000 parents and friends working as coaches, referees, and administrators. It's not unusual to find two, three or more children in the same family playing AYSO soccer - while Dad serves as referee and Mom as coach. Coaches, referees, a registrar, a fundraiser, a field marker, a publicist, a treasurer - many people, all contributing their time and efforts to make AYSO a great program for our soccer-playing kids.

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